Touching lives for eternity!
The counselors at Csehy Summer School of Music are Christian young people who have chosen to dedicate their summer to the service of their Lord. Many are former campers at Csehy Summer School of Music; most are excellent musicians; all have a servant's heart. During the summer, they become big sisters and brothers, surrogate moms and dads, best friends, and spiritual advisors to the campers of Csehy. Any Csehy alumnus will say that the counselors had the biggest impact on their life during their stay at Csehy Summer School of Music.
Counselor/Staff Application
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2014 Counselors
Mrs. Cindy Hayes
Mrs. Cindy Hayes Director of Staff & Counselors Email Mrs. Hayes
Christina Brown
Christina Brown Child Development / Education & Music
Oregon State University
Gresham, OR
1 Corinthians 15:58
Hannah Cousino
Hannah Cousino Piano Teacher
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2 Corinthians 5:14, 15
Rachel Harry
Rachel Harry Piano Teacher
Allegan, MI
1 Peter 1:3-5
Carolyn Holland
Carolyn Holland Teacher
New Jersey
Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Isaiah 61:1
Lauren Holland
Lauren Holland
Lead Counselor
Teacher (M.M. Piano Performance)
The Pilgrim Academy
Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Psalm 145:1, 2
Angela Housworth
Angela Housworth Teacher
Kindermusik International
Virginia Beach, VA
2 Timothy 2:22
Nancy Puckett
Nancy Puckett Music Composition
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Odenton, MD
Audrey Schult
Audrey Schult Biology / Chemistry / Music Performance
Roberts Wesleyan College
Rochester, NY
Isaiah 43:4
Hannah Winiarski
Hannah Winiarski
Child Care
Piano Teacher
Plainfield, CT
1 Peter 3:15
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett Music Education
Houghton college
Rochester, NY
Matthew 14:31
Michael Caprera
Michael Caprera
Overseas Radio and Television
Southbridge, MA
Psalm 19:1
Shawn Doremus
Shawn Doremus English & Public Speaking Teacher
South Brunswick High School
Plainsboro, NJ
Romans 6:16-18
Jonathan Holland
Jonathan Holland Euphonium Performance
Bob Jones University
Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Alex Housworth
Alex Housworth Construction
Project Manager
Virginia Beach, VA
Ben Kronk
Ben Kronk Violin Performance
University of Rochester
Plymouth, MN
James 1:12
Kyleigh Fox Dunn
Kyleigh Fox Dunn
Chamber Fest
Home Management
San Diego, CA
1 Peter 3:18