Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

The staff at Csehy summer are integral to the community and family environment of this program. While investing in the lives of campers, and working diligently in each persons assigned area, our staff like the campers forge lifelong friendships whilst investing in a rich gospel-centered musical community. In hiring counselors, faculty members, and other employees, Csehy will seek to hire persons who profess a saving faith in Jesus Christ and who are living in accordance with the ethical and moral teachings of the Bible in their worship habits, business practices, family relationships, and personal lives. All staff must also assent to our doctrinal statement.

Application forms are in a Google Doc. You may copy this doc and send back the completed application, or print and return by mail or PDF scan.

Artistic Faculty

Every summer includes a list of more than 40 faculty who direct the ensembles, give private music lessons, perform for the campers, and teach theory classes. There are opportunities for faculty members to serve 1, 2 or 4 weeks of the summer.

Applications for Artistic Faculty are welcome at any time. While a lot of our faculty return for many years, our Artistic Director is always working on securing a deep list of potential faculty members so we are ready when needs arise.

The faculty for each summer are confirmed between December and February, but needs can arise unexpectedly, so expressions of interest are welcome at any time.

Please contact our artistic director, Andrew Harry, at aharry@csehy.org for further information.


Our team of counselors oversee the dorm life and non-musical activities of the campers. Whilst many of our counselors are college music students, it is not a requirement that applicants are musicians. Whilst most of our counselors are college age, we will also consider older applicants who would love to invest in the lives of our campers as dorm parents.

Applications should be sent in by January at the latest. Counselors are interviewed in January and February, and the team confirmed by the end of February.

Please contact our student life director, Lauren Holland, at lholland@csehy.org for further information.

Support Staff and Volunteers

Support staff include office, child-care, nurse, photography, videography and IT. These positions are normally confirmed by February/March in the lead up to the coming season.

Current Openings:

  • Photographer

  • Videographer / IT

Volunteer opportunities also arise (including concert ushering, event support, as well as licensed bus drivers. These needs will be communicated on this page. It is important that our volunteers also demonstrate the same professing faith and life testimony as our hired staff.

Current Volunteer Needs:

  • Concert Ushers

  • Pizza party hosts for Saturday evenings after concerts

  • Office support

  • Child care